Big changes have happened in the last month and a half. Shortly after Christmas, I accepted a new job and commenced my packing to move to Washington, DC. The whole point of having this ‘travel blog’ was to share my love to travel and the exciting places I could travel.

This job offered me extensive travel and connecting with college students about my profession: Architecture. I would now be in a place where I would actively be helping people with their dreams of becoming an architect, just like my dream of becoming an architect was finally realized this past November. Finally having passed all of my qualifications and exams, the State of Maine mailed me my license. It was such a thrilling feeling – so being able to help others achieve their goals, along with being able to see a good chunk of the US while doing that, seemed like an extremely worthwhile adventure for me.

It did mean leaving my small, charming coastal town, where everyone knew who I was, people said hello on the street and all it took for me to see the ocean was to lift my head from my pillow. That, I was giving up – everything I cherished about living in a small coastal town in Maine.

But this was DC. The big city, a city of opportunity, young professionals and others who love to travel, like me. It’s amazing what is available in a big city. Free museums, restaurants that you couldn’t even imagine existed, and an introduction to other parts of the world, just by talking to people you meet.

So far, I have pretty much loved every minute of living here. The commute has been rough (two metro stops! gasp!), but the rough part has been the cramming in like sardines when the metro isn’t running properly. A friend in London recently described her tube experience as being ‘single file, calm and orderly.’ I wish my experience was like that! Instead, I feel like if I do not move quickly enough, I will get trampled! And giving a small, friendly smile is nearly unheard of!

But aside from that, things have been great. I’m settling into my new job well, and working on the photographs to share with you some of the places I’ve been and will be going. I’ve been to West Virginia in a snow storm and Iowa where United lost my luggage! And on my trip down to apartment hunt, I ended up taking a 14-hr train ride home. It’s been an interesting beginning to 2014, but I’m very much excited to share with you, my experiences.

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