I’ve planned out our itinerary, and yes, Le Chef is coming with me! We plan to leave early May, and my thought is that we spend 3-4 days in London, take the train to Paris, then the sleeper to Berlin, then another sleeper to Prague, spending a day or so in each place, and spending the rest of our trip in Prague!

I would love to meet anyone in the London area, so let me know! We will be in town for a weekend, which probably suits most of your schedules – so plan on the first weekend in May, and let me know! I’d also love to hear of any hotspots we should hit up. The boy is really into history, so the main London touristy things will be had, and even though I’ve been to Paris before, I’m dying to see Notre Dame. And neither of us have been to Berlin or Prague, so any thoughts at all would be much appreciated!

Happy Friday!!

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